Wednesday, November 24, 2010

TSA Boycott?

Okay, I have been really thinking this over, and if you are traveling today, you have likely thought about it too. Today is the busiest day for travel in the United States because this is the holiday that sees us into a four day weekend: Thanksgiving. People like to go home to get their favorite stuffing, turkey and a touch of "home." But some passengers of our airways are up in arms over the body scans and pat downs that they are calling "invasive" and they have called for a body scanner "boycott" to commence today.

This is the concept: when it comes time to get your body scan, you "just say no." This triggers an automatic pat-down (which looks much more invasive) and this will take longer. The concept is that this will cause such a backup in the workings of the TSA that perhaps they will be forced to back down their policy. Yea, good luck with that one assholes. While you're all getting angry because the pat-down that took forever caused you to miss your flight, others who don't want their nuts fondled by a stranger will be cruising through the body scanners. Brilliant!

Look, here's the thing... I don't know how many people are planning this offensive against our airports, and I don't care because I am not traveling anywhere today or tomorrow for that matter. But causing huge backups at the airport just sounds like a bad idea, anyway. If you don't want to go through the body scanner or the pat-down then you should just take a fucking train. Does it suck that the TSA is going to look at your penis or vagina? Yea, I guess so. But why would you opt out of that method only to get a hand up your crack?! It's ridiculously stupid.

When it comes to travel, we just have to do what we have to do. Does it suck that we are all being treated as though we could be "the one" who is looking to do harm? Yea, I guess so... but I am over it already. I wouldn't turn down the body scan in the first place, so I wouldn't be subjected to the police style pat down to begin with... why? Because I don't really care all that much. Do I love it? No, I don't... but I feel like there are more important issues at hand, like our economy or perhaps education.

The problem we have in America is that people are always focusing on the wrong issues. Though I can totally understand that the pat downs and body scanners have people feeling a slight bit odd and uncomfortable, I feel like it's just not the rally point we need right now. It's like a marriage, okay? You and America are in a marriage, and when it comes to marriage, sometimes you have to pick your battles. I'm not going to fight with my husband over "who moved my cheese" because I would rather tackle a bigger issue as it arises... get my drift?

So if you are one of those who is hell-bent on causing delays, then fine. More power to ya. But I think your power could be better spent somewhere else.... that's just my opinion.

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